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From 1938-present

John Ross & Sons Ltd. is the oldest, largest and most experienced scrap metal processor in Atlantic Canada, headquartered minutes away from the Port of Halifax.

We specialize in the purchasing, grading, handling and processing of all ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals for our clients – manufacturers, demolition contractors, smaller recycling yards, traders and public individuals.

Our metal is processed, sorted and packaged at our facilities according to domestic and international mill specifications. We also recycle and process old corrugated cardboard (OCC), making high-grade packages ready for pulping plants around the world. 

John Ross & Sons was one of the first companies in Canada to acquire its AQSIQ license from the government of China and is proud to be an active member of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries (CARI) and the Eastern Recyclers Association.

We also offer open-top dumpster bin rentals, sea-container rentals, and waste removal for contractors and the general public. John Ross & Sons has its own full service logistics and documentation department, creating a smoother experience for its customers. Our operations utilize the most up to date equipment and technology available, and meet the highest standards in quality control, safety management and environmental practices.

Recycling is what we’re all about, and that’s why we also operate numerous EnviroDepot™ locations in the province of Nova Scotia. Our refund and recycling centers allow the public to return glass, plastic and aluminum beverage containers for refund reimbursement.

Join John Ross & Sons on its mission to create a greener, more sustainable planet.



John Ross & Sons is founded by Harry and Max Ross, named after their father, a Russian immigrant. The location was opened up on Cummane St in the small town of Truro, Nova Scotia.


Norman Ross, Harry’s son and the company’s president, joins his father in the business.


Under Norman’s leadership, John Ross & Sons opens up their first Halifax location, on the Halifax harbour.


The Halifax location is relocated to its current headquarters in the Bayer’s Lake Business Park. Its state-of-the-art sorting and baling equipment allow for the expert processing of non-ferrous material and cardboard.


A partnership with Dominion Recycling is formed, planting a foot for John Ross & Sons on the island of Newfoundland.


Derek Ross, son of Norman, joins the business to run the company’s mobile baling division, later becoming operations manager of our steel processing yard.


The Goodwood, Nova Scotia, location opens, becoming the hub for John Ross & Sons’ steel processing and exports.


Jonathan Ross leaves his career in law to join his family business, implementing new systems and helping to unlock overseas markets. He is currently Chief Operating Officer and head of the company’s non-ferrous division.


John Ross & Sons turns the key to their state-of-the-art auto-shredder, allowing for the shredding of cars and tin steel.

John Ross & Sons receives the Halifax business award nomination as a finalist for the International Business of the Year.


John Ross & Sons enters the market of Prince Edward Island by acquiring A & S Scrap Metals


Truro’s new, 10 acre, fully-paved location and warehouse open, becoming another major shipping and receiving hub for the company. The modern warehouse design and considerable amount of operating space makes for a more customer-friendly experience.


John Ross & Sons opens two major locations: One in Saint John, and one in Fredericton, New Brunswick, making its entrance into the province’s market.


John Ross & Sons launches its state-of-the-art wire and cable processing facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia