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John Ross & Sons Ltd is your source for value-added services that can simplify your operations and maximize the value of your scrap metals.

Brokerage and Trading

Brokerage and trading activities at John Ross & Sons Ltd cover a broad range of products, including ferrous and non ferrous scrap, scrap alternatives and secondary and primary metals. Through our sales and service operation, we can take delivery of your scrap metal material outright or alternatively, broker your scrap material directly to our customers worldwide.


Our logistics team has the industry experience and the resources to develop strategies to move scrap metals anywhere in North America and for export. We take pride in providing and implementing cost effective material-handling and transportation solutions for John Ross & Sons Ltd clients.

Environmental Compliance

John Ross & Sons Ltd believes that a positive approach towards conserving and enhancing natural resources is consistent with its core values, and is fundamental to the scrap and secondary metals industry.

Baling Services

We offer portable baling service. If you are a salvage yard or facility with white goods, tin and automobiles, we can service the baling and cleanup direct to mark

Enviro Depot

We are a full service refund and recycling center, allowing the public to return beverage containers for deposit refunds.

Container Rentals Services

John Ross & Sons Ltd offers our current customers and future customers container rentals services of various sizes for commercial, institutional and residential applications.

If you require one of these containers click here.

Scrap and Constructions Bins

Front-End Scrap BinsFront End Bin

The Front-End Scrap Containers vary in size from 2 cubic to 8 cubic yard. These containers are ideal from smaller scrap generators that require onsite weekly or bi-weekly continuous service.

Prices paid out are based upon current commodity prices.




Lugger BinsLugger Truck/Bin

Our Lugger Containers are available to all our customers that have smaller amounts of scrap and/or demolition - renovation projects. These containers are ideal for small  residential projects and small clean ups. Containers vary in sizes from 10 cubic yards to 20 cubic yards.

Permanent service is available.




Roll-off  BinsRoll-off-Truck-with-Bin

Our Roll-off Containers are available to our customers that have larger scrap and/or demolition – renovation projects.   
These containers vary in sizes from 10 cubic yards to 90 cubic yards.

Permanent service is available.


Other Services

If you require one of these bins or services please click here.